Litigation Funding: Information for Attorneys Regarding a Pending Lawsuit

As an attorney, it is your job to get your client the highest settlement or verdict award for their case. There are times however, when a client with a pending lawsuit is facing financial troubles and needs litigation funding right away. This situation can lead to a premature settlement, thus resulting in a far lower dollar amount for the client, and for you.

To avoid a situation like this, we provide attorneys with easy litigation funding options for their clients to help support them until their pending lawsuit settles. Woodbridge is one of the top pre settlement funding companies and an industry leader in cash now financing options. We provide non-recourse litigation funding for your plaintiffs with pending lawsuits:

  • Professional Financial Services Staff
  • Fast & Simple NO FEE Application Process
  • No credit, Employment or Immigration Checks
  • No Hidden Fees
  • No Risk for You Or Your Plaintiff

No Risk Litigation Funding: Pay Only if the Client Wins Their Case

Woodbridge Pre–Settlement Funding will provide your client with a cash advance that will satisfy his or her financial needs until you can settle their pending lawsuit for the highest amount possible. If the case is unsuccessful, your client will still keep 100% of the litigation funding and will owe Woodbridge nothing.

There is no need for your client to wait for a pending lawsuit settlement when they need the money now. Litigation funding from Woodbridge Pre-Settlement Funding is a no-risk solution for you and for your financially stressed client.

What Pending Lawsuits Will Qualify for Litigation Funding?

Any legal claim with good merits may qualify for a litigation funding from Woodbridge. We offer pre settlement funding for pending lawsuit cases that contain:

  • Proven Negligence or Compelling Liability
  • Defendants with an established ability to pay the potential settlement
  • Damage Documentation

Woodbridge Pre Settlement Funding
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