How to Get A Lawsuit Cash Advance Through Pre Settlement Funding Companies

The Difference Between a Lawsuit Cash Advance and a Lawsuit Loan

Did you know that receiving a lawsuit cash advance for a pending lawsuit is completely risk-free when you choose to go through a pre settlement funding company that is a direct funder?

What is a Lawsuit Cash Advance?

A lawsuit cash advance is not a lawsuit loan; essentially it is money that pre settlement funding companies will advance to a plaintiff awaiting a settlement in a personal injury lawsuit. These pre settlement funding companies will review the pending lawsuit of the accident victim and determine the viability of the case and how much they believe the case will settle for. Once the pre settlement funding company approves the lawsuit cash advance, they calculate the amount of funds they can offer. Sometimes you may even be able to get this money within 24-48 hours of the initial application.

What Makes Getting a Lawsuit Cash Advance From Pre Settlement Funding Companies Different Than a Lawsuit Loan?

Pre settlement funding companies take a risk whenever they offer a lawsuit cash advance to someone with a pending lawsuit. They do their best to determine how much the case will eventually settle for, but unless the case settles, pre settlement funding does not require you to repay the advance.

The main thing to remember is that a lawsuit cash advance is NOT a lawsuit loan, because you will never have be personally responsible to pay back the advance; it is repaid only if the case settles. Pre settlement funding companies accept the risk that your pending lawsuit might settle for less than what they give you, or that you might not be awarded any settlement money at all.

Why Get a Lawsuit Loan When You Could Get a Lawsuit Cash Advance for Your Pending Lawsuit?

In summary, receiving a loan against your lawsuit can be very risky, but getting a lawsuit cash advance is literally risk-free to accident victims and plaintiffs.

Go to one of the larger pre settlement funding companies that is a direct funder for an even greater assurance that your lawsuit cash advance is as valuable as it can be.

Call Woodbridge Pre Settlement Funding today for a 2 minute questionnaire about how much you could receive for your pending lawsuit: 1-800-401-4026

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