Our Advance on Lawsuit Process is Simple and Quick

Looking for a lawsuit cash advance from your pending settlement? Woodbridge Pre Settlement Funding makes it easy for you to get the money from your pending settlement that you need now. The application process is easy and painless. We move quickly to evaluate your case – no credit check, no confirmation of income or immigration status is required.

To apply, call Woodbridge at 1-800-943-0858 and our financial professionals will ask a few simple questions to evaluate your pending settlement for a lawsuit cash advance. We will quickly verify your case history with your attorney, and get a portion of your pending settlement value into your hands quickly, sometimes in as little as a day or two. It’s that simple!

Advance on Lawsuit: How to Apply

  1. Call Us for a 2 Minute Questionnaire
  2. We Contact your Attorney’s Office
  3. We Review Your Case and Potential Award
  4. If Approved, We Send Your Attorney Our Agreement
  5. Send Us The Signed Agreement
  6. We Send The Money from Your Pending Settlement That Day!

Get Money Quickly For Your Pending Settlement — No Risk!

A Lawsuit Cash Advance is NOT a Settlement Loan!

Woodbridge Pre-Settlement Funding offers a lawsuit cash-advance, not a settlement loan. If your lawsuit does not settle you’ll owe us nothing. Woodbridge is only repaid if your case settles. We provide a no-risk solution to get money for your pending settlement.

Unlike the companies that spend a lot on commercials, Woodbridge focuses on providing the highest level of customer service along with the cash advance that best suits your current financial needs. Your funds are paid to you directly from our funders so we can provide you with the desired money from your pending settlement.

Why Receive a Lawsuit Cash Advance from Woodbridge?

  • Financial needs and pressure can drive plaintiffs and attorneys to settle for less than they deserve. By obtaining a lawsuit cash advance before your case settles, the pressure to settle the case prematurely for less is removed, giving you more flexibility.
  • Plaintiffs often ask their attorneys for a lawsuit cash advance with the understanding that the money will be repaid as soon as the case settles and the settlement is received. Unfortunately, it is unethical and a conflict of interest for your attorney to provide you money for your pending settlement. (Woodbridge assumes this risk.)
  • Emergency situations in which a plaintiff might have an immediate need for cash can arise at any time. It can be frustrating to know that a large sum of money will eventually be awarded when you need the money for your pending settlement now. Woodbridge can provide you with no-risk financial relief before your case settles with a prompt lawsuit cash advance.

Woodbridge Pre Settlement Funding
Call: 1-800-943-0858